Sunday, May 4, 2014

Foster County, ND Auditor Refuses To Let Citizens Speak at Commissioners Meeting

Even though Judge Schmitz dismissed the restraining orders that Foster County Auditor Teresa Risovi filed against my husband (Ted Keller) and me, the restraint against our freedom of speech continues.  I requested to be on the agenda for the Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, May 6, 2014, but the auditor's assistant, Heather Martin, sent me an email denying my request to speak.   She also denied my husband's request as follows: "I am responding on behalf of Teresa to your email below.  She has consulted with the attorneys and you [mispelled] request has been denied."

Since Auditor Risovi LIED (under oath) in order to get restraining orders against my husband and me, and since she was caught COMMITTING PERJURY in court during the April 25, 2014, hearing, how can I believe that she has "consulted with attorneys" or that these attorneys have told her to deny my request to be on the agenda?

Most likely, Chairman Straley and Auditor Risovi don't want my questions/comments to be televised by way of DakTel, exposing the questionable practices that are taking place.  For instance, I want to know if our tax money went to pay for Risovi's attorney during the court hearing about our restraining orders.  That hearing and attorney's costs wouldn't have been necessary if she hadn't filed the ridiculous restraining orders against us.  

Also, do you realize that Assistant State's Attorney Scott Porsborg has been hired by Foster County to defend Teresa Risovi in a civil law suit which we have filed against her personally? Why do the citizens of Foster County have to pay for Risovi's wreckless actions?  Most importantly, who is authorizing this expense?  Is this something else that Chairman Straley and Auditor Risovi have cooked up between themselves?  (Haven't you heard, as we have, that Straley and Risovi were involved in getting rid of Ex-Auditor Roger Slotmann and in having Commissioner Chairman Jimmy Carr arrested?  Isn't it interesting that Paul Straley then became Commissioner Chairman and Teresa Risovi became Auditor?)

How are they continuing to get away with their questionably suspicious actions?!!  As well, who else is involved in their effort to keep the public in the dark about what is going on at the Foster County Courthouse?  What are they trying to keep hidden from the public?

For those of you who have been following the Foster County Commissioners' meetings, either by attending or by watching the meetings on DakTel, now would be a good time to get involved. When the Foster County Commissioner Chairman and the Auditor won't let community members speak at meetings, and when the Auditor files restraining orders against citizens who protest against her breaking the law, don't you think something needs to be done?  Please get on the Agenda and speak up.

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