Saturday, April 26, 2014

Commissioner Straley Invites Law Suits - April 1, 2014

The Foster County Commissioners Meeting took place at 8:30 a.m., Tuesday, April 1, 2014, at the Foster County Courthouse in Carrington. At the meeting, Chairman Paul Straley continued to invite lawsuits to be filed against Foster County. Ted Keller explained to him that he shouldn't have to file a lawsuit against the county in order to get Straley to listen to concerned citizens and follow the law. On March 18th, at the last Commissioners Meeting, Chairman Straley told Keller that if he had a complaint about the way the commission was being run that he should file a lawsuit against them. At that time, Keller explained that if they admitted their errors, they could correct them without a lawsuit. He even explained how to do it. 

Sadly, it seems like the only way to be heard by Chairman Straley is to file a lawsuit against the commission's actions. Ted Keller and Leo Straley did just that. They filed a complaint alledging that Paul Straley and the Foster County Commission violated the North Dakota Century Code § 44-04-20 by acting beyond what was stated in the notice and agenda for their "special" meeting on March 3, 2014. That notice stated that the meeting would only involve the application process for the vacated position of Auditor, not actually appointing a person to be Auditor. Chairman Straley and Commissioner Greger voted to appoint Teresa Risovi as Auditor, against Commissioner Carr's objection to their actions. 

In their Complaint, Keller and Leo Straley asked the Court to rule that the March 3rd "Special" meeting was in violation of North Dakota law and that the appointment of Teresa Risovi should be void. It is their contention that Chairman Straley and Commissioner Greger knowingly violated the law, intentionally depriving the public of any input or comments... thereby "getting their way" without questions or objections from the community.

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