Thursday, October 18, 2012

Welcome to Our "Dog House!"

People in North Dakota normally take off their shoes when they come into your house. It's a sign of respect because they realize that the weather (snow/hail/rain) and their occupation (farmers, ranchers, hard-working-out-door people) know their shoes can be pretty messy. However, if they know you have inside dogs, and if you get to them soon enough at the door, they know they don't have to take off their shoes. Many of them take off shoes anyway, but then that's their choice to get dirty-dog-paw socks. :)

Some of my lady friends insist on taking off their shoes anyway, but they have figured out a solution to this "dirty-sock" problem. They carry an extra pair of socks or a soft pair of house slippers in their purses.  Off go their shoes, and on go their slippers!  North Dakota ingenuity at work!!

Note: Click on the above title for more pictures.

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